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Studentuppsatser 2012, ej publicerade i GUPEA


Här listas endast de uppsatser som inte är registrerade i GUPEA.

Uppsatserna förvaras på institutionens expedition.


  • [SPL 2012-006]: BODY and SOUL. Sexual Awareness in Lawrence’s Lady Chatterley’s Lover
  • [SPL 2012-031]: Emerson’s Crucial Role in Creating a National Identity and a Literary Tradition: A study in the works of Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • [SPL 2012-033]: Literature in education - The Old Man and the Sea in the English classroom (interdisciplinär uppsats inom lärarutbildning)
  • [SPL 2012-042]: The rise of the New Man – changing gender roles in Doctor Who 1963 – 2010
  • [SPL 2012-046]: The linguistic representation of the Guidos and the Guidettes on The Jersey Shore
  • [SPL 2012-049]: Language appropriateness
    A study of how the concept of style is presented in course literature intended for English 5 in the Swedish upper secondary school
    (interdisciplinär uppsats inom lärarutbildning)
  • [SPL 2012-053]: Finding Value in the Taste of a Peach: A Literary Analysis from a Marxist Perspective on Tony Morrison’s The Bluest Eye
  • [SPL 2012-054]: Hemingway's Last Hero: Sin or Experimental Success?
  • [SPL 2012-055]: Shutter Island’s Patient 67 paradigm - How to help pupils with their search for identity through literature
    (interdisciplinär uppsats inom lärarutbildning)
  • [SPL 2012-056]: The Role of the Ghosts in D. H. Lawrence's Glad Ghosts and The Border Line
  • [SPL 2012-057]: The Rise and Fall of Logic in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
  • [SPL 2012-058]: Symbolism in Ian McEwan's Atonement
  • [SPL 2012-060]: Ambrish or Bramish
    American British English or British American English?
    Preferences and Usages among Swedish Upper Secondary Students
  • [SPL 2012-061]: Spanglish – A New American English Creole?
  • [SPL 2012-065]: Proverbs in an English classroom - How and why to use proverbs as a part of teaching English
    (interdisciplinär uppsats inom lärarutbildning)
  • [SPL 2012-069]: ‘My reasons for marrying’: A Study of Marriage in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.
  • [SPL 2012-070]: Monstrosity in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus - An Essay on Victor Frankenstein as a Monster
  • [SPL 2012-072]: Who Narrates the World? - A Qualitative Linguistic Analysis of Secondary School English Textbooks from a Critical Postcolonial Perspective.
    (interdisciplinär uppsats inom lärarutbildning)
  • [SPL 2012-073]: The Hunger Games - How hunger gives new perspectives
  • [SPL 2012-077]: ‘Girls are made of sugar and spice and all things nice’ - Why colours are edible and clothes alive
  • [SPL 2012-078]: “Who in the world am I?” - A study of Alice’s development in Wonderland
  • [SPL 2012-079]: Christian themes in C. S. Lewis’ The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
  • [SPL 2012-080]: Katniss, a role model for young women: Reading The Hunger Games through gender.
  • [SPL 2012-081]: It needs but one foe to breed a war:
    The Lord of the Rings as a critique of war and industrialization
  • [SPL 2012-082]: The world of Harry Potter: A Study of Social Aspects
  • [SPL 2012-083]: Alienation in J.D. Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye
  • [SPL 2012-099]: Catherine Earnshaw - An analysis of Wuthering Heights as a critique of Patriarchy.
  • [SPL 2012-103]: Teaching gender through literature - Stephanie Meyer's Twilight as a basis for a gender project
  • [SPL 2012-104]: The Limits of Science in Ian McEwan's Enduring Love
  • [SPL 2012-105]: Lily Briscoe's Feminist Vision in Virginia Woolf's To the Lighthouse
  • [SPL 2012-107]: Presidential Pronouns - A Survey of Personal Pronouns, Their Usage and Reference in Political Speeches
  • [SPL 2012-109]: "Its all about exapriens, dreams and alot of unnponitotitys - An Error Analysis on Swedish student's spelling- and grammar
  • [SPL 2012-110]: Adaption of Netspeak language - A study of the language used in the computer game Heroes of Newerth
  • [SPL 2012-113]: The Illusionary Ideal - Illusion and Reality in Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice
  • [SPL 2012-119]: Code-Mixing Forums - The significance of English in Swedish message boards
  • [SPL 2012-120]: Modality in an adroid's speech - How modal verbs relate to an android's ability to feel emotions
  • [SPL 2012-122]: Patriarchal Hierarchy and the Representation of Gender Roles and Norms in Shakespeare's Macbeth
  • [SPL 2012-130]: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - A Satire of the Victorian Period
  • [SPL 2012-134]: Gollum's Happy Ending - A Study of Human Condition in J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings
  • [SPL 2012-146]: Racial Prejudice and its Origin in
    Harper Lee’s Novel To Kill a Mockingbird
  • [SPL 2012-161]: The Swedish upper-secondary school student and English as a global language (interdisciplinär uppsats)


  • [SPL 2012-026]: Le promeneur solitaire - Une analyse de l'instance narrative dans Le spleen de Paris de Charles Baudelaire
  • [SPL 2012-027]: Le Prêtre Infernal de Notre-Dame de Paris - La Représentation du Personnage et de la Fatalité dans le Roman de Victor Hugo et dans l’Adaptation à la Comédie Musicale
  • [SPL 2012-106]: La difficulté de traduire l'argot français- Une étude sur la traduction suédoise de Kiffe kiffe demain
  • [SPL 2012-123]: Je ne crois pas que je le connaisse... - Une étude sur la variation modale et ses facteurs régissants dans la complétive française
  • [SPL 2012-137]: Il était une fois un cheval et un enfant…
    Différences thématiques dans la littérature pour les jeunes cavalières suédoises et françaises


  • [SPL 2012-148]: Att översätta japansk manga till svenska - språkliga och kulturella skillnader


  • [SPL 2012-098]: El uso de la lengua meta en clase. La influencia en el aprendizaje del uso oral de la lengua meta (LM) en la clase del español como lengua extranjera (LE). Un estudio piloto


  • [SPL 2012-036]: "Na, gucken Sie sich doch das mal an!"
    - Eine Analyse der Übersetzungen der deutschen Modalpartikeln mal und einmal ins Schwedische.
  • [SPL 2012-084]: Höflichkeit durch den Gebrauch von Partikeln. Eine kontrastive Analyse der Partikel doch in Günter Grass' "Katz und Maus" und ihre Funktionen in der schwedischen Übersetzung.
  • [SPL 2012-126]: Globaliserte Räume und Bewegungen in Hans Platzgumers Trans-Maghreb: Novelle vom Bauträger Anton Corwald


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