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A linguistic description of Kagulu

Participant Malin Petzell

The aim of this doctoral dissertation is to explore the Tanzanian Bantu language Kagulu (alt. Kaguru). The project is envisaged to produce linguistic description of the language containing, among other issues, a grammar of the language.

The linguistic description involves collecting data by distributing questionnaires and carrying out tape-recorded interviews. This data, and the very scarce number of Kagulu texts that exist, are then analysed in depth.

The exact number of Kagulu speakers is unknown but estimates range between 200.000 and 300.000. As there is very little information about this language research is needed.

Documenting the languages of Tanzania is of critical importance. About 120 languages are spoken in the country and all four African language phyla are represented. At the moment, very little is known about the history, development and current position of the languages spoken in Tanzania today, primarily because there are few written records.

Describing a language would help us understand the culture and identity associated with each language as well as preserving the cultural heritage it represents. Marginalised languages run the risk of disappearing while documenting a language forestalls that.

This survey would also provide an opportunity to study linguistic changes. Moreover, a general linguistic description of a language's grammar and phonology from a modern perspective is naturally of benefit for the current speakers.


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