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The semantics of verbal morphology in under-described languages

2-3rd June 2017, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

The event is funded by Riksbankens Jubileumsfond

Recent years have seen an increase in scholarship devoted to the significance of lexical semantics for verbal morphology and the functioning of tense-aspect-mood (TAM) systems (for a general introduction, see Boogaart & Janssen (2012)). Much of this was prompted by work on tense and aspect from a general typological and diachronic perspective (see, e.g. Comrie 1976, 1985; Dahl 1985; Bybee, Perkins & Pagliuca 1994). This has also been joined by the work of Hogeweg, de Hoop & Malchukov (2009) which also offers a methodological contribution, as well as approaches which stress the way time, temporality and evidentiality are reflected in grammatically-conventionalised TAM categories (Botne & Kershner 2008; Botne 2012, 2014).

This workshop provides a forum for the discussion of issues relating to the morphological encoding of tense, aspect and mood (TAM) distinctions within the verbal form. We welcome papers that examine TAM systems through an exploration of forms, their basic meanings, distribution and extended functions. Work on the sub-categorisation (such as the Aktionsart) of the verb and its interaction with broader TAM categories is also encouraged. The focus is on under-described languages and the contribution that the analysis of these can make to our understanding of the semantics of verbal morphology and TAM cross-linguistically. However, talks developing cognitive models for approaching TAM, as well as those which touch on the development of methodology (including field-based research methods) for examining TAM and the lexical semantics of the verb will also be considered.

Call for papers - closed

The workshop is part of an on-going project http://anslag.rj.se/en/fund/50126, the purpose of which is to describe and analyse the semantic construal of TAM notions and their grammatical realisation in the verb in the East Ruvu Bantu languages spoken in Tanzania (i.e. Kagulu, Kami, Kwere, Kutu, Luguru and Zalamo).

  • Deadline, submission of abstracts 19 December 2016
  • Notification of acceptance 6 February 2017
  • Workshop 2-3 June 2017

Keynote speakers (confirmed):

Leora Bar-el, Associate Professor at the University of Montana

Scientific committee

Leora Bar-el
Robert Botne
Evie Coussé
Östen Dahl
Laura Downing
Axel Fleisch
Hannah Gibson
Nancy Kula
Derek Nurse
Thera Crane Ringhofer

Organising committee

Malin Petzell
Hannah Gibson
Andrew symes

Organising committee

Malin Petzell
Hannah Gibson
Andrew symes

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