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Workshop: Translational Checkpoints

Call for participation

The Translation T of the Transculturation, Translation, Transmission Research profile at the Department of Languages and Literatures will be hosting a workshop on Translational Checkpoints in the Creative Industries from 1-2 December 2015 at Humanisten, University of Gothenburg.

Building on the results of the conference of the same name we held in September, this workshop will focus on translation as a morphing tool: shaping, converting, adapting the object being transferred as well as its contexts.

The object of this workshop is to review the results of the previous conference and discuss ideas for further meetings that galvanise interdisciplinary cooperation between scholars as well as between scholars and practitioners.

Confirmed speakers

Susan Ingram, York University, Canadian Centre for German and European Studies/Research Group on Translation and Transcultural Contact
Fabíola do Socorro Figueiredo Dos Reis, University of Antwerp (Belgium)/Universidade Federal do Pará (Brazil)/Scholarship CAPES

Workshop components

The workshop has four components:

  1. paper session with Susan Ingram and Fabiola Reis (late afternoon session 1)
  2. brief summary of the Translational Checkpoints conference to set the stage (opening session 2),
  3. comparative conference discussion addressing infrastructure and cooperation questions (morning session 3), and
  4. synthesis (closing session 4).


Session 1: December 1, 15.00 – 18.00, Room C430
Session 2, 3 and 4: December 2, 09.00 – 12.00, Room H821

PARTICIPATION is free and open to (1) workshop presenters, (2) general participants/viewers interested. Workshop registration is required.


Via email: angela.kolling@gu.se

Please include in your registration email the following: (a) full name, (b) institution or professional affiliation, (c) preferred email address.
If you wish to actively shape the discussion please send a brief Position Statement (250 word/1 page--maximum), a statement defining a specific thought or problem that can be discussed during session 3

Workshop organiser

Angela Kölling, Department of Languages and Literatures, University of Gothenburg


For further information and updates regarding the workshop please check http://sprak.gu.se/forskning/forskningsprofiler/transkulturalitet--oversattning-och-overforing/oversattning

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