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The Semantic Scope of Slavic Aspect

                     FOURTH CONFERENCE
                        ON ASPECTOLOGY
                             OF SLAVISTS

                                University of Gothenburg
                                     June 10–14, 2013


The Organizing Committee of the University of Gothenburg is pleased to announce the conference “The Semantic Scope of Slavic Aspect”, the fourth international conference on verbal aspect within the research project run by the International Commission on Aspectology of the International Committee of Slavists. The conference will take place at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, June 10–14, 2013.

It is widely known that aspect is one of the major grammatical categories of the Slavic verb. The difficulty of studying the category of aspect can, as emphasized by many researchers, be explained by the multi-leveled nature of its meaning. Therefore, it is not surprising that questions regarding the semantic content of the category itself or meanings originating from the interaction between aspectual forms and different kinds of contexts in recent decades have become central in aspectological research.

The conference is aimed at continuing the discussion of aspectual semantics – covering the entire “semantic scope of aspect” (Maslov, 1975) – in the following areas, including both classic aspectological problems and new issues and their solutions:

  • The possibility to distinguish a general meaning – the invariant meaning of the perfective and imperfective aspect; the essence of the aspectual opposition.
  • The relationship between the system and the environment when it comes to aspectual meaning. The interaction between the categorial meaning of aspect and the context:
    - aspectual features of the semantic classes of verbs;
    - peculiarities regarding the interaction between the aspect and lexical meaning of certain verbs;
    - the aktionsarten and lexicogrammatical categories of telic/atelic verbs;
    - syntactically determined particular aspectual meanings;
    - particular aspectual meanings and interpretive mode;
    - discourse- or taxis-based aspectual meanings;
  • The classification of particular aspectual meanings in Slavic aspectology. Problems of defining and delimitating the meanings. Search for solutions and results.
  • Peculiarities in the expression of aspectual semantics of Slavic and non-Slavic languages: similarities and differences.
  • Slavic aspect as a special type of the universal semantic category of aspect. The Slavic model for clustering the aspectual semantics compared to other models.
  • Means of expressing aspectual semantics in child language.
  • The formation of aspectual semantics in Slavic languages. Diachronic typology of the grammaticalization of aspectual meanings in Slavic languages in comparison with non-Slavic languages.

The object of analysis will be not only all Slavic languages, but also a comparison between Slavic languages and other natural languages which express verbal aspect. We invite speakers belonging to different schools and adopting different methodological approaches.

The conference working languages are: all Slavic languages and English.

Invited speakers:

Ju. D. Apresjan
A. V. Bondarko
Ö. Dahl
S. M. Dickey
Je. V. Paducheva

Abstract Submission:

Abstracts for papers (20 minutes presentation plus 10 minutes discussion) in English or in any other Slavic language (in Word and PDF format) should be submitted to the following e-mail address:

Abstracts should not exceed 2 pages in length, including examples and references. Font: 12pt; margins: 2.5 cm on all four sides.

Important dates

Deadline for submitting a preliminary title of the abstract: September 1, 2012
Submission deadline of abstracts: October 15, 2012
Notification of acceptance of abstracts: December 1, 2012
Conference dates: June 10–14, 2013. Arrival date: Sunday, June 9; departure dates: Friday, June 14 (the second half of the day) – Saturday, June 15.


We intend to publish all papers presented at the conference. A number of papers will be published in the refereed journal “Scando-Slavica”, the official journal of the Scandinavian Association of Slavists (Nordiska Slavistförbundet).

Registration fee

The registration fee is €100 (PhD students €50) to be paid no later than February 1, 2013.
After this date, the registration fee is €120 (PhD students €60).

The registration fee includes a welcome buffet lunch on the opening day of the conference, coffee breaks, cocktail at the closing ceremony, and a bus tour of Gothenburg.

The registration fee does not include travel expenses, accommodation and meals.

Organizing Committee (University of Gothenburg, Department of Languages and Literatures)

Nadezjda Zorikhina Nilsson (Head of the Organizing Committee)
Morgan Nilsson
David Westerholm
Malin Podlevskikh Carlström (PhD student)
Katarina Schwetz (Student)
Annika Andersson (Web designer)

Selection Committee

Adrian Barentsen (Amsterdam)
Rosanna Benacchio (University of Padua)
Walter Breu (University of Konstanz)
Björn Wiemer (University of Mainz)
Lucyna Gebert (University ”La Sapienza”, Rome)
Nadezjda Zorikhina Nilsson (University of Gothenburg)
Vladimir Klimonov (Humboldt University of Berlin. Deputy Head
of the Commission on Aspectology at the International Committee of Slavists)
Jelena Petrukhina (MGU, Moscow)
Vladimir Plungjan (Institut Jazykoznanja RAN, Moscow)
Ljudmil Spasov (University of Skopje. Head of the Commission
on Aspectology at the International Committee of Slavists) )
Hannu Tommola (University of Tampere)

Preliminary conference program

Arrival date: Sunday, June 9.
June 10 – plenary speech (x2), general session evening buffet.
June 11 – plenary speech, general session bus tour of Gothenburg.
June 12 – plenary speech, parallel session official dinner.
June 13 – plenary speech, general session. Meeting of the Commission on Aspectology (ICS).
Farewell cocktail in the university building.
June 14 – morning session. Conference sum-up. Bus tour along the Swedish west coast including a visit to the town of Tanum and the Tanum Museum of Rock Carvings (for additional fee).
Departure days: Friday, June 14 – Saturday, June 15.

Further information will be posted on the conference website, the address of which will be provided in September.

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