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DAY 1 Friday

8.30-9.30 Registration and Coffee [outside Lilla Hörsalen]

9.30-9.45 Conference opens

(Evie Coussé, Deputy Head, Department of Languages and Literatures, University of Gothenburg and Chloé Avril, Vice-president SAAS)

9.45-10.45 Keynote Lecture 1:

“Migration and Modernity: On Studying the Relations Between the United States and Sweden,” Dag Blanck (Uppsala University) [Lilla Hörsalen]

11.00-12.30 Panel Sessions 1 and 2

Panel 1. Preserving U.S. History, Memorializing Shame (1/2) (Chair, Karma Waltonen) [C456]

  • “History, Memory, Shame: Performance Projects by Guillermo Gomez-Peña,” Eva Zetterman (University of Gothenburg)
  • “Inherited Wars and Global Wars: The Representation of The United States at War at Presidential Libraries and Museums,” Klara Stephanie Szlezák (Passau University)
  • “Japanese American Internment Memorials and the Narrative of National Identity,” Melissa Bender (University of California, Davis)

Panel 2. War and Sports in Literature (Chair, Zlatan Filipovic) [C454]

  • “The New Messiah of the Battlefields”: Embodiment as Discursive Strategy in Dalton Trumbo’s Johnny Got His Gun,” Wade Bell (University of Gothenburg)
  • “Still Running Strong: Homosexuality, Sports, and Gay Marriage in Patricia Nell Warren’s The Front Runner,” Nikolai Endres (Western Kentucky University)
  • “The Ugly Smell of Nortoniensis: Hawthorne’s Septimius and the Civil War,” Magnus Ullén (Karlstad University)

12.45-13.45 Lunch at Tabla (link and map to be provided)

14.00-15.30 Panel Sessions 3 and 4

Panel 3. The Treatment of History in Canadian Literature (1/2) (Chair, Britta Olinder) [C456]

  • “Swedes in Canada: Making the Invisible Visible through Diaries and Letters,” Jane Mattisson Ekstam (Østfold University College)
  • “Documenting Oral History, Memory, and Lessons in Truth Telling – Nadia McLaren’s Muffins For Granny, and Tim Wolochatiuk’s We Were Children,” Sabrina Völz (Leuphana University of Lüneburg)
  • With Rogers on the Frontier. Canadian and American history in J.M. Oxley’s juvenile literature,” Luana Salvarani (University of Parma)

Panel 4. Reproducing Differently: Representations of Reproduction and Reproductive Technologies in North American Speculative Fiction (Chair, Jenny Bonnevier) [C454]

  • “In the Womb of Utopia: Feminist Science Fiction and Reproductive Technology,” Jenny Bonnevier (Örebro University)
  • “‘The Children are our future’. Reproduction and Rebellion in Dystopian Young Adult Fiction,” Maria Nilson (Linnaeus University)
  • “Strange matings” Hybridity and Miscegenation in Octavia Butler’s Fiction,” Maria Holmgren Troy (Karlstad University)

15.30-16.00 Coffee

16.00-17.30 Panel Sessions 5 and 6

Panel 5. The Treatment of History in Canadian Literature (2/2) (Chair, Jane Mattisson Ekstam) [C456]

  • “Rita Mestokosho, Innu Poet in Multilingual Edition,” Françoise Sule and Christophe Prémat (Stockholm University)
  • “Bernice Morgan and the Writing of Newfoundland History,” Gerd Bjørhovde (UiT the Arctic University of Norway)
  • “Historical Perspectives in Marian Engel’s Fiction,” Britta Olinder (University of Gothenburg)

Panel 6. Teaching American literature in Sweden (Chair, Katherina Dodou) [C454]

  • “Nikki Giovanni’s Poetry: A Creative Writing Perspective,” Maria Proitsaki (Mid Sweden University)
  • “The Conversational Framework, Democratic Education, and the Pedagogic Design of Campus and Online Sessions in the American Literature Survey: A Case Study,” Iulian Cananau (University of Gävle)
  • “Tacit knowledge made explicit: Teaching scholarly enquiry,” Katherina Dodou (Dalarna University)

17.45-18.45 Keynote lecture 2:

“Intertextual Spaces: Reconfiguring American Imaginaries in Contemporary Spinoff Fiction,” Birgit Spengler (Goethe-University) [Lilla Hörsalen]

19.00 Reception [F416]

DAY 2 Saturday

9.00-10.00 SAAS general meeting [C456]

10.00-10.30 Coffee

10.30-12.20 Panel Sessions 7 and 8

Panel 7. Modernisms and Postmodernisms (Chair, Wade Bell) [C456]

  • “Black and Ashamed: Racial Shame in Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man,” Zlatan Filipovic (University of Gothenburg)
  • “Being American Geniuses Together in Europe in the 1920s: Robert McAlmon’s and Kay Boyle’s Being Geniuses Together and Rival True Stories of American Modernism in Exile,” Anna Linzie (Örebro University)
  • “Peter Watts’ Blindsight and Echopraxia – a Speculative Thought Experiment on Philosophy/Theory of Mind in a Transhuman Future,” Mariusz Marszalski (University of Wroclaw)
  • “The Neoliberal American Novel and the Music of Time,” Mihai Mindra (University of Bucharest)

Panel 8. Cultural/Political Encounters (Chair, Maria Holmgren Troy) [C454]

  • “Occupying the American Barracks: Political and Cultural Contact in Devil’s Island,” Jodie Childers (Queensborough Community College, CUNY)
  • “Prioritizing the American Self: [The Operation of] Orientalist Cultural Hegemony in ELT Textbooks,” Zohreh Rahmin (University of Tehran)
  • “The Stadium Experience: Contemporary Swedish Stadium Architecture and the Commercialization of Space,” Oskar Nordell (Uppsala University)
  • “My uncle Tom’s cabin” – Fredrika Bremer’s emancipatory novel Hertha (1856) and America,” Åsa Arping (University of Gothenburg)

12.20-13.20 Lunch

13.20-15.10 Panel Sessions 9 and 10

Panel 9. Preserving U.S. History, Memorializing Shame (2/2) (Chair, Melissa Bender) [C456]

  • “Deep in the Heart of Dixie’s History Books,” Karma Waltonen (University of California, Davis)
  • “Coming to Terms with the Confederacy,” David Goldfield (University of North Carolina, Charlotte)
  • “Remembering and Re-marking Tragedy: The Mankato Sioux Hangings and the Sand Creek Massacre,” Roger L. Nichols (University of Arizona, Tucson)

Panel 10. Comics and Media in America: The Big Two and their Shadows (Chair, Adnan Mahmutovic) [C454]

  • “City and the Postmodern Chronotope in Moore’s Watchmen and Miller’s Sin City,” Adnan Mahmutovic (Stockholm University)
  • “Weird Wild West: The Last of the American Comic Book Westerns,” Joshua Abraham Kopin (University of Texas, Austin)
  • “Joker TV: Intermedial Configurations and Transgression in Batman: Arkham Asylum,” Johan Nilsson (Örebro University)
  • “The Superhero Comic Book as Multi-Purpose Medium, 1970s-2010s,” Felix Brinker (John F. Kennedy Institute for North American Studies, Free University of Berlin)

15.10-15.40 Coffee

15.40-16.40 Keynote Lecture 3:

“Memory, Tourism, and Defensive Design: The 9/11 Memorial/Museum and the Rebuilding of Ground Zero in New York,” Marita Sturken (New York University)


Conference Dinner at Waterfront (link and map to be provided) [We will be taking the boat to the restaurant from Klippans Färjeläge (see map). The boat leaves at 18.30 so be there in time! For those who want to get there by tram from the hotel, we will meet at Korsvägen at xx]

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