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African Languages in the Nordic Countries

First Meeting, 8-10 December, 2000

African languages is a fairly new area of academic teaching and research in the Nordic countries. In the last decade, activities have started or expanded significantly at several universities. It is now time to establish better contacts between the people in the field who are active in our countries.

Thus the Department of Oriental and African Languages, Göteborg University, decided to host the 1st Nordic meeting on African languages.

The general idea was that we should get together to learn to know each other, to learn about the present situation concerning teaching and research in the countries and universities involved, and to investigate possible areas of cooperation between individuals and between institutions.

Selected papers from this meeting are published in Africa & Asia, no 1.

FRIDAY December 8

13.00 Introduction, practical information etc.
13.30 Arvi Hurskainen African languages in Finland
13.50 Arvi Hurskainen Nordic countries in African linguistics: General sharing or special contribution?
14.10 Riika Halme Tone in Kwanyama
14.30 Lotta Harjula Tone in Kiha
14.50 Pertti Mikkola On the classification of Nilo-Saharan
15.10 Seleman Sewangi Discovering domain specific terms in a text corpus by a computer lexicon: the case of Swahili health care terms
15.30 Coffee/Tea Break
16.00 Rolf Theil Endresen African languages in Norway
16.20 Rolf Theil Endresen The historical phonology of Fula
16.40 Tommy Otterbrandt The Swedish-Swahili/Swahili-Swedish dictionaries: a progress report
19.00 Dinner

SATURDAY December 9

9.00 Torben Andersen African languages in Denmark
9.20 Torben Andersen Verbal valency and clausal constituent order in Mabaan (western Nilotic)
9.40 Tore Janson African languages in Sweden
10.00 Tore Janson Spirantisation in Bantu
10.20 Karl Erland Gadelii Languages in Mozambique
10.40 Coffee/Tea Break
11.10 Christina Rodell Olgac Socialization, language and learning in a Somali diasporic community in Rinkeby
11.30 Ota Ogie Some comments on Edo syntax
12.00 Lunch
14.00 Joseph Onyeche Loss and retention in the Ika language
14.20 Niklas Edenmyr Focus in Kirundi
14.40 Abdulaziz Lodhi The suffixes -fu and -vu in Swahili
15.00 Daniel Ridings Corpus linguistic methods for language description in Zimbabwe
15.20 Jouni Maho The Bantu area: towards clearing up a mess
15.40 Coffee/Tea Break
16.10 Åsa Wedin Literacy practices in primary schools and in the society in rural Tanzania: the question of relevant schooling
16.30 Mohammed Zahran Education in Swahili as a foreign language: Nordic experiences
19.00 Dinner

SUNDAY December 10

9.00-12.00 Discussion about cooperation and exchange in teaching and research

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