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Languages in Namibia

Participants Lars-Gunnar Andersson, Tore Janson, Jouni Maho

The project aims to describe the language situation in Namibia which is fairly complex and full of all kinds of interesting perspectives for linguists, historians, sociologists and anthropologists alike.

The project has resulted in the book Few people, many tongues: the languages of Namibia, published by Gamsberg Macmillan, Windhoek, 1998. The book includes chapters on the three major language groups of Namibia (Bantu, Khoesaan and Indo-European) as well as a chapter covering a few sociolinguistic issues, such as language engineering, the choice of an official language and urbanization. The book is intended to be an introduction for those with little prior knowledge of Namibian people and languages. It also aims at being a reference work for those already acquainted with Namibian people and languages. It is descriptive, drawing from knowledge recorded and/or published by a variety of scholars and a little bit of field work.

Project-related publications and papers

Maho, Jouni. 1997. A classificatory list of Khoesaan language and ethnic names. Web-document. Department of Oriental and African Languages, Göteborg University. Pp 70-ish.

Maho, Jouni. 1998. Few people, many tongues: the languages of Namibia. Gamsberg Macmillan Publishers. Windhoek. Pp x, 222. ISBN 99916-0-086-8.

  1. Introducing Namibia, 1
  2. A few terminological preliminaries, 16
  3. The Bantu languages of Namibia, 26
  4. The Khoesaan languages of Namibia, 97
  5. The Indo-European languages of Namibia, 147
  6. Selected aspects on language in Namibia, 172

References, 199
Index, 218

Gamsberg Macmillan Publishers
PO Box 22830

Maho, Jouni. 2000. The linguistic legacy of the early missionaries in southern Africa. In: Tongues and texts unlimited [Festschrift Tore Janson], pp 143-154. Edited by Hans Aili & Peter af Trampe. Stockholm.


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