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The Gravitation of Memory: Literary, Social and Institutional Testimonies of Dictatorship in the Southern Cone

The research project is funded by The Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in research and Higher Education (STINT) 2008-2011

Researchers: Anna Forné, GU, Rossana Nofal, Universidad Nacional de Tucumán, Máximo Badaró, Universidad Nacional de San Martín)

The overriding aim of the project is to study memories of political militancy and the following military dictatorships, produced during the past three decades in the Southern Cone of South America, that is, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay, in order to advance the knowledge of the socio-political transformations of the present and the meanings of the past in the region. The project means to contribute to the social and academic debate on the significance of memory during the democratization process of the political regimes in the Southern Cone and provide systematic documental sources and theoretical foundation to bring about further investigation on this period. We intend to examine the “narrative apparatus” and the different discursive matrixes by which memories of repression and dictatorship have been and are being constructed. The project accentuates the special interest in the representational forms of stories that challenge the constitution of the narrative canon and postulate an amplification of its borders. The project will pay special attention to the theoretical and methodological problems of memory.


Anna Forné

Box 200, 405 30 Göteborg

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